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wakdaws2 Post at 2015-2-8 00:21


make a mini-client for this pls so the loading wont take forever thanks pls.

Redus Post at 2015-2-9 04:01

We recommended Firefox as the browser you are playing. Even the mini client is a browser too.

Could you describe wish lag are you suffering with?

wakdaws2 Post at 2015-2-11 00:16

lag when switchng/picking up weaps

jaberus2@gmail. Post at 2015-3-9 03:13

The fact that this game is on a browser sets is aside from other free to play fps games.
Yes there are FPS games such as begone or others but they are not as good as this.
Global Strike offers a huge range of things you usually find in downloadable clients.

I personally think getting a downloadable client will
1. Increase people in finding ways of hacking
2. Just make the game just another downloadable fps
3. Lose the player base because some people cannot run a client or they cannot download onto their computer.

I have also notice Game321 only has browser games. I have played most of their games, and the least buggiest and smoothest game honestly is Global Strike. It surpasses all the other games, my opinion of course.

You might just be experiencing lag because atm the Beta server is in the US,
a lot of people lag, hopefully the DEV's will host in other parts of the world.

isteveo Post at 2015-3-13 18:53

Pfff game321 copies other games

Global Strike? It's a copy of another game VERY SIMILAR TO THIS called Blood Strike.

Redus Post at 2015-3-16 01:30

[b]Reply [url=]5#[/url] [i]isteveo[/i] [/b]

It's a different language version, not a copy. And we have better anti-cheat than any other version.

[b]Reply [url=]4#[/url] [i]jaberus2@gmail.[/i] [/b]
We will offering a miniclient for Chrome users on Facebook who is suffering POV bugs. And add more battle server around the world.
Whatever, the client is a customized IE Browser. So no need to worry about the cheater, they won't survive for at most 12 hours.

freemanbp Post at 2015-4-4 08:39

[quote]Pfff game321 copies other games

Global Strike? It's a copy of another game VERY SIMILAR TO THIS cal ...
[size=2][color=#999999]isteveo Posted at 2015-3-13 18:53[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

Dude, are you serious? It's all based on Counter-Strike, it's just on browser

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