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bubby45701@aol. Post at 2014-11-28 03:55

Daze not working


gm028 Post at 2014-12-4 01:23

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In order for us to have a quick check, could you please provide us more information as below:
Character Name When You Encounter BUG:
Server Name:
When You Encounter the BUG: ( Date & Time )
BUG Description: XXXXXX

Tsuna Post at 2014-12-4 01:58

Character Name: Tsuna

Server Name: Jeet Kunt DO

Bug Description: Well it only started recently after i had gotten VIP 4 but up till then the Time reads 00:00:00 and the xp reads 0 so no one is able to see the time or xp that they accumulate but after vip 4 when the timer reaches to 8 hours it works.

I can't really take a screenshot about it anymore since it now works that I'm at VIP 4 and the game seems to be down at the moment

gm028 Post at 2014-12-4 03:02

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Ok, thanks for your information~:)

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